About Us

Cape Beronda Freight was founded by Mandy Erasmus in March 2008 in order to answer industries' transportation needs for a fast and effective service.

We seek long-lasting partnerships with our customers as to become your logistical resource, your freight advisor, your competitive advantage. Having a joined experience of more than 30 years, we have now learned how to satisfy customers and offer a real peace of mind for your logistic needs. We offer you our knowledge and experience, while receiving a reliable, honest and courteous service. We move freight.

So what makes us different from other Brokers? It's simple. We handle every order with the understanding that the satisfaction and success of our customers, partners and employees is vital to our own.

Our employees, customers and transporters are the supporting structure on which we are building our future.

Cape Beronda is committed to maintaining the very highest standards of honest business practices. We invite you to call or contact us for more information on how we can respond to your business' transportation needs.